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Help Smash FACE!

We need to fight the FACE Act using all three branches of the US Federal government. Congress has power to reverse FACE with new legislation. The Supreme Court has power to strike down FACE by declaring it unconstitutional. The president has power to nullify  FACE by pardoning those convicted and preventing future prosecution.

Please click on each of the following links to send messages to all branches of our Federal government: Don't wait! Smash the FACE!

Our arrests in 2020.jpg




Representative Chip Roy said: “Free Americans should never live in fear of their government targeting them because of their beliefs. Yet, Biden's Department of Justice has brazenly weaponized the FACE Act against normal, everyday Americans across the political spectrum, simply because they are pro-life.

Our Constitution separates power between the federal government and the states for a reason, and we ignore that safeguard at our own peril.

The FACE Act is an unconstitutional federal takeover of state police powers; it must be repealed.”

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