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the FACE Act!

No one should be penalized for saving lives


What is the FACE Act?


The Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act of 1994 is a pro-abortion policy signed into law by President Bill Clinton.  Its goal was to dissuade anti-abortion people from saving preborn babies by physically blocking the doors of abortion mills (i.e. "traditional rescuing").  The FACE Act drastically increased the prison sentences of anyone who did this and made repeat offenders into felons.  No similar act of civil disobedience is targeted in this way.  FACE was an obvious strike against peaceful citizens who sought to prevent murder by interposing with their bodies.  And it has done great damage.


The FACE Act nearly destroyed the rescue movement, and efforts to directly defend children from abortion have languished ever since.  Recently, however, some brave individuals have found the courage to rescue yet again, despite the consequences.  The Department of Justice has cracked down hard, indicting over twenty-four persons and threatening them with years in prison for the 'crime' of trying to prevent murder. 

FACE was considered justified on the grounds that abortion is a Constitutional right.  The Supreme Court's Dobbs vs Jackson decision of 2022 has corrected that mistake: abortion is NOT a Constitutional right and FACE should be repealed.  The time to smash FACE is now!

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