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Monetary donations are a fantastic way to help incarcerated rescuers while they wait for their sentencing in May. Your financial support will help rescuers remain in contact with loved ones via phone or e-messaging as well as purchase necessary food and toiletry items from commissary. Click on one of the links below.


!!!!Pro-Life Rescuers Sentencing Updates!!!!

*All prisoners are still being detained in Alexandria Detention Center in Alexandria, VA until they are transferred to prison. *We recommend that you do not send any new letters to them at this time because they might be transferred soon to their next location and will not receive any letters.* At this time we will not know when they will be transferred or where they will be transferred to. Lawyers anticipate this process might take a few weeks before we can hear from our friends. Please keep a lookout on this page for updates and information about writing to our brave rescuers!

Lauren Handy: 57 months

Jonathan Darnel: 34 months

Joan Bell: 27 months

Will Goodman: 27 months

Herb Geraghty: 27 months

Jean Marshall: 24 months

Heather Idoni: 24 months

John Hinshaw: 21 months

*The 8-9 months they have already served will be deducted from these sentences


If you would still like to reach out to a rescuer please consider writing to:

Heather Idoni #389468

Washington DC Correctional Treatment Facility 1901 E Street, SE, Washington DC 20003

Father Fidelis (please use his legal name)

Christopher Moscinski #388432

D.C. Jail 1901 D Street, SE Washington DC 20003

This is the latest update as of June 19  2024

Latest update

Joan Bell and Jean Marshall have been relocated to the Federal Transfer Center in Oklahoma City.  


If you are communicating with the remaining rescuers via phone or Securus email please note: 


Alexandria jail is switching email apps.  They are quitting Securus Tech TOMORROW June 20. The new system may take until June 25th to start. The new system will be called Smart Communications. 


We will keep you posted once we learn more about the new communication system.  Our hope is that the rescuers will be transferred before then to Oklahoma City in order for them to finalize their prison placement.  

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